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Understanding Mohs Surgery

If your dermatologist has recommended Mohs Surgery for skin cancer, you may have questions. Do you really need to have this treatment? When is Mohs Surgery necessary? How effective is Mohs Surgery? Further, what are the benefits of Mohs Surgery, and what makes it better than other skin cancer treatments? Here, we will explain the process and reasons for Mohs Surgery, so that you can have a better understanding before you make an appointment.

Mohs Surgery in Fort Collins & Loveland, CO

Reasons to Choose Mohs Surgery Over Other Skin Cancer Treatments

Mohs Surgery is considered the “gold standard” for nonmelanoma types of skin cancer, a life-saving treatment has been refined over nearly a century. While it’s not the best option for the treatment of every type of skin cancer, it is especially effective for treating cancers of the face, scalp, neck, and hands, previously-treated cancers, and cancers that are large and deep or look particularly aggressive under a microscope. While melanoma is often treated in other ways, there is no treatment better for treating cancer on cosmetically significant areas. What are some of the reasons it’s often chosen over other skin cancer treatments?

  • Mohs Surgery Has the Highest Cure Rate. Data from the Skin Cancer Foundation indicates that this kind of surgery has a success rate of 99 percent for the treatment of new basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, and over 94 percent for recurrent cancers. Developed in the 1930s, Mohs surgery has been continually enhanced and improved for nearly a century, developing into an advanced skin cancer treatment. Mohs surgeons must undergo special training and be fellowship-trained so that they are experts in the interpretation of tissue samples and how to map microscopic findings to the surgical area.
  • Mohs Surgery Allows for Excellent Cosmetic Results. During Mohs Surgery, the dermatologist removes only the precise area of skin containing cancer cells. Taking away diseased tissue layer by layer, the surgeon is able to preserve healthy tissue, for minimal scarring and superior cosmetic outcomes. Further, the repair or reconstruction of the surgical site is done during the same visit, for optimal healing and aesthetic outcome.
  • With Mohs Surgery, You Don’t Need Multiple Treatment Sessions. Unlike other methods, that require multiple appointments with multiple providers, Mohs Surgery is typically done in just one session. In some cases, a second appointment may be required to smooth the scar, but generally, Mohs is done as outpatient surgery, under local anesthesia, with the removal, tissue analysis, lab work, and reconstruction accomplished in one visit.
  • There is Minimal Healthy Tissue Loss with Mohs. Using the Mohs technique, your surgeon will identify the tumor’s margins, in order to remove cancerous cells with exact precision. As each layer is removed, it is analyzed for cancer cells and healthy tissue, so that as much healthy tissue as possible can be left intact. This minimizes scarring, and it also reduces the need for additional cosmetic procedures meant to repair the area. Other techniques are less precise and may remove healthy tissue in the interest of being thorough, which can compromise the aesthetics of the area and result in further procedures.
  • Mohs Surgery Accomplishes Total Cancer Removal. Removing one layer of cancerous tissue at a time, the surgeon is able to examine 100 percent of the tissue being removed in a lab environment. This allows the removal of all cancer cells, because the doctor will know exactly where cancer cells remain so that they can be removed until every sample removed is determined to be cancer free. Without this certainty, it is possible for surgeons to leave cancerous tissues behind.

Mohs Surgery in Fort Collins & Loveland, CO

Mohs Surgery requires an expert dermatologist, and when you need expert skin care or advice, you can trust Divine Dermatology and Surgical Institute, Fort Collins’ best name in dermatology. At Divine Dermatology, we provide the highest quality care and the most advanced techniques available, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our experienced team works under the leadership of the founder of the practice, Dr. Jennifer Divine, who is board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American College of Mohs Surgery. By tailoring treatment plans to meet each patient’s unique needs, and providing personalized attention, we’re able to provide effective care for a wide range of conditions. We treat skin, hair, and nail conditions and provide medical, cosmetic, and surgical services, providing comprehensive for people of all ages. Our expert skin cancer care includes diagnosis and tumor removal using standard surgical techniques and Mohs micrographic surgery, and we treat both common and rare skin conditions, as well as offering a wide array of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment, call us at 970-399-7744 or contact us through our website.