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After Surgery

Your surgical wound will require wound care during the weeks following surgery. Detailed care instructions will be provided at the office based on your unique needs and will be added to your online patient profile through our patient portal. You should plan on keeping the area covered until your stitches are removed, 1- 2 weeks after surgery. A wound left to heal naturally may require 4-12 weeks of bandaging based on their size, location, and your own body’s ability to heal. Avoid strenuous activity and bending over for the first 48 hours if you are not on blood thinners, and a complete 1 week if you are on blood thinners. Most patients report minimal pain that responds well to treatment with Tylenol or similar over-the-counter pain medication.

Post Skin Treatment follow up by Divine Dermatology Fc

Follow-Up Treatment

If sutures have been placed, our office will have scheduled you for a follow-up visit 1-2 weeks post-surgery for suture removal. Additional wound check visits may be recommended to ensure that there are no further issues with healing or complications with the wound site. A post-op skin care regimen may be recommended.

Due to an increased risk of future skin cancers in patients who have had a history of skin cancer, we advise that patients continue to follow-up regularly, often every 6 months. Contact us for more information.

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