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Accurate Diagnosis for All Types of Skin Cancer

Being diagnosed with skin cancer can be scary, but thankfully there are several effective skin cancer treatment options. Divine Dermatology has successfully treated many patients with skin cancer at our offices in Loveland and Fort Collins, CO. There are several different types of skin cancer, each having multiple treatment options. Like other forms of cancer, early detection is key. Regular visits to the friendly and experienced dermatologists at Divine Dermatology can catch skin cancer in its early stages, making treatment easier and more effective. We invite you to learn more about the types of skin cancer treatments we offer and contact us to schedule an appointment.

Excision Skin Cancer Treatments

A standard surgical excision is an effective form of skin cancer treatment. This method can be used to treat many basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. We will numb your skin using a local anesthetic and then remove the tumor with a surgical knife. After the cancer is out, your doctor will carefully stitch your skin back together. A similar approach is used to remove melanoma, but a wider cut is often needed, which is why it is referred to as a ‘wide local excision.’

Electrodessication and Curettage Skin Cancer Treatment

This skin cancer treatment option might be a mouthful, which is why we like to simply say ED&C, but it’s an effective method for treating skin cancer. The process involves numbing the skin, scraping away the bad cells with a ring-shaped instrument, and then burning the base with an electrical current. The ‘scrape and burn’ is usually repeated 3 times in a row in make sure every bad cell in the area is gone. Curettage and electrodessication treatments are often used for superficial basal cell or squamous cell cancers. Similarly, your dermatologist might also opt use a freezing spray, known as cryosurgery, to cause a ‘cold burn’ to kill skin cancer cells.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery or Mohs micrographic surgery is an advanced and very effective treatment method. Mohs is most often used for basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers that are in more sensitive areas, but may also be recommended for large or aggressive cancers anywhere on the body. This technique removes the skin cancer, leaves as little scarring as possible, and minimizes the risk of recurrence by checking the edges in real time. Mohs surgery is used to save the most amount of healthy skin and is usually performed on areas where scarring would have a major impact, such as the face, including eyelids, lips, nose and cheeks, as well as the ears, scalp, neck and hands. In certain circumstances, Mohs is also used on the arms, legs, and trunk as well. Your Mohs surgery should be performed by a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon. Schedule an appointment with us in Fort Collins and Loveland, CO to meet our fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon.

Effective Topical Skin Cancer Treatments

Nonsurgical skin cancer treatments can sometimes be used to destroy skin cancer cells. A cream applied topically to the skin may be an option for you. Topical skin cancer treatment options include topical chemotherapy and topical immune response modifiers. Topical skin cancer treatments can be applied at home by yourself or with help from a family member. Courses may take a couple weeks up to a few months.

Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer radiation therapy is sometimes used as a means to kill skin cancer cells. Radiation may be use as the first choice treatment if you are at high risk of complications from surgery. Radiation therapy may also be recommended as a safety net if your skin cancer was more aggressive or had other high risk features seen during standard excision or Mohs surgery.  The skilled dermatologists at Divine Dermatology can determine is these options are appropriate.

Additional Skin Cancer Treatment Options

The skin care doctors at Divine Dermatology have a plethora of skin cancer treatments available. While the vast majority of skin cancers are effectively treated with the options above, some individuals are not as fortunate. For some of those with high risk skin cancer or skin cancer that has spread to inside the body, chemotherapy will be needed.  Traditional chemotherapy may be advised or a newer targeted therapy drugs may be available. Advances in immunotherapy have been developed that can stimulate your own immune system to attack skin cancer cells. Since every case of skin cancer is unique, your skin doctor along with a team of oncologists will determine the best skin cancer treatment option for you based on the type and stage of your cancer among other factors.

Skin Cancer Treatment Procedures

Our team at Divine Dermatology provides expert dermatology services for all of Northern Colorado and beyond. We specialize in treating and removing all types of skin cancer, including:

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Bowen’s disease
  • Melanoma
  • Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Early detection is critical, which is why it’s so important that you schedule regular visits with our team of professional and caring dermatology specialists. In addition to skin cancer treatment, we also provide dermatology services for common skin conditions, such as acne treatment, and treatments for rare skin conditions as well. We carry a great selection of effective dermatology products, and we also perform cosmetic dermatology services like Botox®, chemical peels, and laser aesthetic treatments. Contact Divine Dermatology today to schedule an appointment or learn what we can do for your skin.